Borgia, the stainless steel tap

A minimal design to face the challenge of the time

This is the first stainless steel collection of F.lli Frattini, designed from BMB Progetti: essential and materic, manufactured in AISI 316L Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel taps: the stainless AISI 316L

The AISI 316L stainless steel is a special alloy named also “surgery steel” since it is employed in the production of tools for surgeries. Made up of iron and carbon, as hardener, in this case with very low presence (“L” stays for low carbon). Their characteristics are mainly hardening, hardness and toughness. Corrosion, traction, use and heat resistant stainless steel is an anti-bacterial and hygienic material, is 100% recyclable and doesn’t contain harmful substances so we can say it is eco-friendly and this is also indicated to be used in environments with high salt concentration as thermal centres and spas. Resistant to acid rain and air pollution is also ideal for outdoor spaces.

Design taps: stainless steel enhance the shapes

Architect Paolo Bertarelli chief of the R&D Department declares: “Fratelli Frattini choses the stainless steel for two important issues. This is a new segment that didn’t belong to us and we want to approach it offering our manufacturing skills developing lots of project solutions. Moreover thinking about its characteristics and functionalities we believe to compete really in this market “niche” that nowadays enhances stainless steel also for its undisputed aesthetic value and interior design praise”. Industrial cost of steel is higher compared to the brass due to the working times, complexity and waste, but its beauty hasn’t equals forged in essential, clean and linear shapes and it is really appreciated from architects and designers for its extraordinary characteristics. Bertarelli continues “Steel is very slow… it is worked exclusively by removing the material and by casting, moreover welding has to be done with lot of skill and mastery. Visual and tactile perception of steel is completely different from brass or even softer materials. Steel is light although in reality is very compact and sturdy. Its geometries, angles of the shapes and product perception is very particular without equals compared to a brass one”. Finishing enhances steel, from the most traditional brushed to the brilliant one. BORGIA choses the brushed finishing with materic effects giving it pure lines and the textile rough tactile perception

Stainless steel taps not only for bathroom 

Explosion of stainless steel minimal shapes is an heritage coming from the past with their roots based in the projects by the well-known Danish architects Arne Jacobsen, whom revolutionized the taps history at the end of the 60’. BORGIA a rich collection created from Guido Bellucci and Francesco Mazzon of the interior design studio BMB Progetti. Their creativeness expressed at utmost in the use of stainless steel with rigorous shapes but at the same time with various type of products thanks to the presence of two kinds of handles for the same body mixer. One handle represented by a cylinder with a net cut offering a flat frontal side, another handle always minimal shape with a lunette onto the top to offer an ergonomic grip. The first version is identified with the B letter while the second option is identified with the A letter in composing the item reference. With more than 30 articles BORGIA offers complete solutions for the bathroom environment such as bathtub, shower, bidet mixers with 8 different basin mixer proposals. Three heights for the traditional single lever mixer: base, medium and high on top mixers (height 179cm, 251cm, 321cm) two variants of in-wall basin mixer: one with a unique plate and one with separate plates for the activating handle and for the spout. In addition a distinguishing floor version with height 1025 cm, two products with remote control exalting the design of the slender spout shape, separated from the operating handle. As completion of the series for bathroom the bathtub mixer, on wall, in-wall, floor mounted with or without spout and the in-wall shower mixer for 2 or 3 way, on separate elements or aligned on a unique plate. BORGIA basin and bidet mixer are supplied with a Ø25mm cartridge and a 6 Lt./min aerator eco-friendly soft jet water flow. BORGIA offers two additional special items. A single lever mixer with a functional flexible black braided nylon hose and hand shower is the solution for the kitchen mixer. A massive and practical shower column equipped with a 2 way mixer, rain shower head and hand shower is the ideal solution for spas, swimming pools and outdoor ambiences.